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New Integration with V2C: Driving Sustainable Energy Forward

Uppskattad lästid: 2 min

We're excited to finally announce a new integration, this time with the innovative charging station company V2C. This collaboration enables sustainable energy usage across Europe, making a leap into a greener tomorrow for all.

V2C, headquartered in Valencia, Spain, is a company that values and creates intelligent EV charging solutions. Their charging stations, alongside Perific, offer users efficient options for powering EVs.

Optimized power usage means a reduced carbon footprint and contributes to a greener Europe, making a positive impact on the future environment. We hope that by making our products available to more users across Europe, through integrations like the one with V2C, we can support the transition to renewable energy.

To the V2C and Perific integration!

Publicerad Jun 12, 2024

Uppdaterad Jul 02, 2024

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